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Location: Halifax, NS

 Maritime Centre is an existing building that is one of the most significant towers in the city. The shape of the towers footprint is tapered in such a way to not impede views from Citadel of the islands in the Halifax Harbour.
Alumitech had the opportunity to be involved in the reshaping of the base of the tower, which ended up being a milestone project for our team. 

The existing bottom floors of the tower consisted of some stepped terraces surrounding the entry ways to the building. The new design called for a multi-storey structure to envelop those terraces in glass and metal to create a new modernized hub as the main thoroughfare of the facility. Alumitech was contracted to supply and install said glass & metal. For the curtain wall framing we implemeneted Kawneer's 1600 Series, with an 8 1/4" back section to allow for wind loads on the large spans, and add a beefy aesthtic. Captured within that framing are structurally glazed sealed units complete with Low E coating & varying shades of blue tints. Accenting the blue and sliver of the curtain walls is a white composite aluminum panel system that creates uniquely shaped surrounds on a micro and macro level around the facades. 


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